At last, a CD that has been specifically designed for those in the community who are not confident in using the internet to research their family history. Compiled by Sunbury Family History Society members, this user friendly CD contains indexes of thousands of genealogy related websites that are available on the internet if you have the knowledge, time and patience to look for them – which many of us don’t.

  • Speedy Access to 1000’s of Websites
  • Numerous Sites with Countless Inner Links
  • For Beginners and Experienced Family Historians 
  • Alphabetically Indexed by Countries and their Territories 
  • Auto Loads on Microsoft and Mac Computers
  • User Friendly and Easy to Read
  • The CD is a Truly Wonderful Aid for Quickly Browsing the Internet.

Features of this CD include -

• User friendly

• Large, clear fonts on white backgrounds for maximum ease of reading.

• Able to be used on both Mac and Microsoft computers

• Arranged in alphabetical indexes for ease of searching

• Covers every conceivable topic relating to genealogy from African genealogy forums to the Welsh Mariners index

Includes indexes of sites specific to:

• Beginners - hints and advice for new researchers

• History – describes life in the era being researched

• Medical – discover your medical roots

• Translations - translates language into English or vice-versa

If you have a useful site that’s not listed here we would be grateful if you could share it with us.
We shall then include it in future updated releases of Website’s Project For Genealogists.

We would also appreciate if you could report any broken links.

Available now for only $10 + $2 postage.

Cheques / Money Orders Payable to:- Sunbury Family History Society Inc. PO Box 601, Sunbury Vic. 3429.




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